Kit Kat Mandela Effect

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Kit Kat Mandela Effect

kit kat mandela effect

Kit Kat Mandela effect is one of the most popular Mandela Effect worldwide. Kit Kat is a term that refers to an object remembered in many ways. This term comes from Nelson Mandela himself. Nelson was put into prison in the early 1980s and died on 5th December 2013. Some people thought that Mandela died when he was still in jail. The same individuals claim to have seen clips of his funeral in public television stations. These false memories have made people think that their brains are not working right.

The case of Nelson Mandela from 1982 to 1988 brought many misunderstandings in South Africa and other parts of the world. Due to the torture and poor conditions Cape Town prison, Nelson was thought to be dead. It is so sad that some televisions stations were not aware of what they aired to people. Residents of South Africa and other nations claimed to have seen clips of his funeral in these television stations. However, this was not true. Mandela was alive, but his story was not brought forward as some citizens of South Africa and other nations expected.

Several months later, Madiba got free from prison. All the rumours that had gone all around the world were proven false. Mandela was strong enough and even continued fighting for his nation. The false memories of Mandela’s death have contributed to many individuals coming up with their false stories.

Mandela Effect on Kit Kat logo

The story of Nelson Mandela has brought many controversies in the world. Kit Kat chocolate company is among the affected institutions. What happened to the dash? Many people ask about this false memory. Some people are not even sure about the original Kit Kat Chocolate. Others have found it that way and are enjoying its taste. Clients and fanatics of this Candy have found things to be ridiculous for them. They are not sure of their product anymore. Kit Kat Candy now comes in various looks and sizes. The truth is not known to date.

The Kit Kat Logo

The Kit Kat logo is one of the most disturbing stories from Mandela’s effects. The storyline of this piece of cake reflects on the dash that used to be in between the Kit Kat term. This dash is no longer there. However, many customers claim that it used to be there some time back. However, the YouTube video of a cashier man working as a machine does not display the dash. A few comments from the fanatics of Kit Kat chocolate suggest that there was a dash. This false memory is confusing every day. Check out in this video. Kit Kat logo does not have a separating punctuation mark in the video.

The picture below shows a kit Kat logo with a dash. This memory is however believed to be very many years ago. Check out:

Currently, Kit Kat chocolate logo does not display any dash between the names. Kit Kat change of look, however, does not seem to please its fanatics. According to those clients that support the old logo of Kit Kat candy wrapper. Several pictures concerning the rise of this argument are currently available on many different sites. Some photos have the dash while others do not have the dash. The image below shows Kit Kat logo that brought many misunderstandings in some people. Check out in the picture below.

Change of Kit Kat brand

Kit Kat chocolate company decided to change its recipe. The modification came after offering quality service to its customers. Kit Kat Company combined with Nestle added more flavour of cocoa and milk to the butter. The primary goal of this change was to meet government’s sugar cut targets. Despite the modification of milk and cocoa boost, fanatics could not differentiate between the first and the second chocolate. The move of changing this brand reduced three billions of calories and more than one thousand tonnes of sugar. They slashed calories from 213 to 209.

In 1942, there was a shortage of milk due to Second World War. This war affected the Kit Kat recipe slightly. Rowntree owned it later and introduced a red wrapper that is familiar in many people’s lives to date.

The Change of Kit Kat would not affect its size. This information is according to Fiona Kendrick, the Chief Executive Officer of Nestle UK. She also announced that some sugar had to be removed to meet the targets of the government. The taste and size of the chocolate were primary concerns of most clients. Since Kit Kat chocolate came into existence in 1996, cocoa and milk have been the basis of its recipe to date.

Due to the recipe of Kit Kat, some people expected an addition of milk and cocoa. However, things did not happen according to many people’s expectations. Instead, the president of Kit Kat thought of looking for delicious ingredients to replace sugar.

Apart from the change of brand, Kit Kat had to change its way of look. It announced many edition wrappers to break the monotony of the same look since the 1980s. Nestle and Google teamed up to help in coming up with unique and good looking packages. These two companies made more than one thousand wrappers. Kit Kat wrappers have many slogans. It takes serious and dedicated customers to choose wisely on what they want. So far, people are getting used to what they see in Kit Kat candy chocolates. As long as the taste is same, there is no worry about it. However, it will take some time for the company itself to educate clients concerning their changes. These wrappers contain words such as romantic, me time break and my break. In all of these wrappers, the Nestle name is at the edges.

The changes of the wrapping papers changed the arguments that were brought by Mandela effects. It has saved people from the many cases of a dash, and there is no one in its logos. This change came as a coincidence and on time when many people needed it to forget about the false memory from Mandela effect.

Effect of Mandela Effect on people

Mandela effect is an interesting thing for many people. It is hard to understand whether some things happened or not. There is the availability of old and new pictures that people use to defend themselves when putting forward their arguments/opinions. So many false memories have risen from Mandela effect. However, sometimes is hard to tell whether those myths are true or false. There are many arguments in every day of life. Mandela’s funeral was a false memory. These people were not even sure of what they said. Nelson was observed healthy and unharmed from prison. It took some people to do investigations and research concerning this issue. These facts have attracted more than ten false memories among people.

Apart from Kit Kat chocolate thing, there are many Mandela effect examples of false memory from Mandela effect. Madiba’s incident has caused a lot of drama and unanswered questions. When the truth is evident, false or fake memories lack a room and support of the argument. However, false memories are now like games that many people keep playing. Sometimes it gets more interesting especially when truth is yet to be known.

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