31 Events That Prove The Mandela Effect is Real

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In recent years, a psychological phenomenon known as the Mandela effect has gained a lot of attention on the internet. The Mandela effect is characterized by those instances where several people claim to remember something that never happened. The origin of this phenomenon stems from several people claiming to remember Nelson Mandela dying in the 1980’s, when in fact he died in December of 2013. Also, while many psychologists attribute these occurrences to mental malfunctions like confabulation, cryptomnesia, misattributions of memory and cognitive dissonance, Fiona Broome disagrees. Fiona Broome, the person that coined the term Mandela effect, believes that alternate realities clashing with one another are the driving force behind this phenomenon. In this article, I’m going to give you 31 pieces of evidence that prove Broome’s theory is a 100% correct.

31 pieces of evidence that prove Broome’s theory

1. Timewave Zero theory

According to former author Terrence McKenna, time is constantly progressing towards a condensed reality. This means that all possible outcomes packed into one singular outcome. Evidence of this type of time glitch has been heavily documented by a wide array of individuals. For mandela effect example, several people have experienced moments where an unaccounted segment of time has interfered with their daily lives or normal routine. This abnormal lapse in time could be used to explain many of the Mandela effect cases.

2. Accelerated Rate of Time

Several individuals throughout the world claim to feel the rate of time accelerating. Former researcher Ian Xel Lungold came up with a plausible explanation for this common feeling that time was moving faster than normal. Lungold hypothesised that accelerated rate of time was due to production and creation happening at a faster pace than ever before. With more events occurring in lesser time, it can create situations where the fast rate of time causes certain individuals to miss specific events in a timeline, which produces the Mandela effect.

3. The Many Worlds Theory

Physicist, Hugh Everett, created the many worlds theory in year 1957. According to the many worlds theory, all alternative realities exist in their own separate world. This means that a variation of what we are experiencing in this current reality could be happening in an entirely different reality. This gives credence to the Mandela effect theory because individuals being placed in an alternate universe could explain why they have memories that are perceived as false in our current reality.

4. Out Of Place Artifacts

Archaeologists have accounted for several artifacts throughout history that seem to be out of place. There have been several instances where an archaeologist can’t exactly determine the origins of a particular artifact. For example, in the year 1936, a hammer was found inside a rock that was over 400 million years old. The only problem is human civilization has only been on earth for 200,00 years, so how can a man made object be traced back to a time period before mankind’s existence? The fact that there are artifacts that appear to be from time periods where they couldn’t possibly have existed, adds credibility to the people who believe time travelers interfering with time has been the cause of so many Mandela affect cases.

5. Unexplained Stories

In July of 2008, Lerina Garcia awakened with a weird feeling of being out place. She did not recognize her surroundings, family, friends, or anything else. Moreover, Lerina Garcia firmly believes the reason for her unexplained and bizarre experience is she somehow got caught in an alternative reality In addition, there have been several other stories by individuals claiming to have awakened in different realities. These stories provide strong evidence to supports the theory of the Mandela affect.

7. Deja Vu Phenomenon

Nearly everyone in the world has experienced the feeling of already living through a present situation. This phenomenon is called deja vu. In most cases, this instances where people think they are reliving a moment in time are perceived as a form of cryptomnesia. Cryptomnesia occurs when an individual views forgotten memories that return to their brain as new. But this doesn’t explain the many forms of deja vu people experience on a daily basis. First, there have been several reported cases of people having memories that can be attributed to alternative versions of themselves from parallel universes. Second, many people have been in a situation where you know exactly what is going to happen in the near future because you feel like you already lived through it. Third, some individuals have experience remembering the history of your life differently from what it actually is. These examples all lend credibility to paranormal investigator, author, blogger and creator of the Mandela effect concept Fiona Broome’s theory of multiple realities clashing with one another to create glitches in time.

8. The Dream World

Despite all the advancements humans have made in science and technology, the human consciousness to this day largely remains a mystery. Scientist and psychologist still don’t know whether dreams are a random collection of thoughts and imagination or a gateway to an alternative universe. This level of uncertainty leaves door open for several mind blowing possibilities. Sleep could give us a brief peek inside multiple worlds. The plausible scenario of our dreams being some type of alternate universe gives credibility to the Mandela effect theory actually being a 100% true.

9. The Taured Mystery

In the year 1954, a mysterious man entered the entered the Tokyo airport with a passport from a country never heard of. The country’s name was Taured. After being held up by airport officials who were under the assumption that he was in possession of false documents, the man presented bank statements and other documents to prove he wasn’t lying. He was then released to an hotel and never seen again. This incident is proof that the Mandela effect is real because how else does a man come from a country that none of the custom officials were familiar with? This man being from an alternative reality where this country exist.

10. The Paranormal Realm

The existence of ghosts and spirits is backed up by an abundance of evidence. Television shows, movies, stories and eye witness accounts have all but confirmed the presence of a spirit world interfering with our current reality. The most logical assumption you can make from this is that these spirits enter our world from an alternative universe. Overall, supernatural activity provides solid evidence that Mandela effect is real and we are living in a world where realities clash with one another.

11. Dimensions

The string theory hypothesises that there are as many as 11 dimensions in our universe. What is contained inside these dimensions is unknown at the moment, but a further human exploration into these diverse dimensions can lead to the discovery of alternative and parallel universes. The existence of several dimensions opens the door for multiple realities to clash with one another, as a result, a Mandela effect is created.

12. Superposition

Quantum physicists define superposition as electrons and protons ability to exist in several different states at the same time. This scientific fact gives credence to the existence alternate realities. If protons and electrons can simultaneously be present in several different states, what is stopping the rest of world from being able to do the same thing? The scientific concept of superposition could be applied to the world as a whole, and can be used to explain the several unexplained Mandela affect cases.

13. The Large Hadron Collider

The Large Hadron Collider is a particle collider machine developed and created by CERN, which is a European nuclear research program. The Large Hadron Collider is the biggest machine in the world today. Furthermore, the purpose of this machine is to give scientist a better understanding of the functions that control the universe. Researchers use the Large Hadron Collider to calculate the time it takes for particles to materialize in various dimensions and forms of existence. This machine confirms the fact that substances can appear in different realities, which proves the Mandela affect is real.

14. Multiverse Theory

According to scientists that support the multiverse theory, the rapid growth of the universe has facilitated energy particles to move at a much faster rate, as a result, new universes are created. Many well-respected astrophysicists and cosmologists support this theory due to the overwhelming amount of evidence that backs this theory up. The fact the universe has expanded so quickly over time accelerates

15. The Talkative Time Traveler

In a 1928 film called The Circus, a woman is seen on camera walking while talking on a cellphone. The only problem is the first cell phone wasn’t developed until decades later. This is evidence that time travellers have been interfering with history, which proves the Mandela effect is a real thing. Time travellers are among us and are altering events throughout history.

16. Infinite Number of Universes

According to many scientists, space and time expand infinitely. This means that the universe stretches out forever, and since particles can be in several different states of existence simultaneously the universe is repeating itself over and over again throughout space. This validates Fiona Broome’s Mandela effect theory by confirming her belief of alternate universes being present throughout space and time.

17. The Daughter Universes

Mandela Effect : The Multiverse

According to quantum mechanics, the whole universe is dictated by probabilities and alternate outcomes. Also, the mathematical equation backing up this belief indicates that there are several different outcomes of our lives playing out in their own individual universes. The multiple worlds that display us going in two opposite directions in life are classified as daughter universes. Daughter universes are potentially the main causes of the several Mandel cases popping up in recent years.

18. CD Case In the 1800’s

A painting from the 1800’s depicts a man named Joseph Smith showing a CD case to several other individuals. The only problem is CD cases weren’t produced and distributed to public until the year 1982. So how did Joseph Smith get in possession of a CD case more than a 100 years before they were created. The only logical conclusion is time travel. This is another piece of solid evidence proving that time traveler are one of the main contributors to disrupting the timeline and causing these Mandela effect cases.

19. The Mathematical Universe

Scientist utilize mathematics to get a better understanding of the universe we live in. All mathematical forms and structures can be present in individual universe. Since the structure of mathematics is an entity that is not dependent on human existence, this gives a plausible explanation for their being universes that are not dependent on us to exist. The structure of mathematics is a strong piece of evidence that backs up the validity of the Mandela effect.

20. Celebrity Time Travelers

There have been several old pictures from the 1800’s and 1900’s of people that look exactly like some famous modern day celebrities. First, there is a picture of a man that looks exactly like actor Nicholas Cage from the year 1870. Second, there is a picture of a man from the year 1860 that looks eerily similar to John Travolta. Third, there is a 1930’s picture of an man in Brooklyn, New York who looks exactly like rap legend Jay Z. In addition, there are several more images of people throughout history who look exactly like modern day celebrities. This means that time travel is indeed possible and can be the root cause of several Mandela effect cases.

21. Encounters With The Past

On August 10, 1901 at the Palace of Versailles in France, two women reported seeing some historical figures from the French Revolution like Marie Antoinette and a few other people. The only problem is the French Revolution occurred more than a century before the 1900’s. This incident can be classified as a glitch in the matrix, which characterize many of the modern day Mandela affect cases. Moreover, there have been several other cases just like this one of people encountering people that existed more than a 100 years back in the past. These cases all but confirm that time travel is affecting are present day timeline.

22. Several Accounts Confirming The Same Story

A critical part of these Mandela affect cases is the fact that several people who don’t know each other share the same memories of things that didn’t occur in our current reality. That alone prove these Mandel affect cases are a real thing because what are the chances of people that don’t know each other producing the same false memories. This isn’t a small group of people claiming to have experienced this psychological phenomenon, it is several thousands claiming to have experienced the same distinct memories. The multiple accounts lend credence multiple realities becoming intertwined with one another.

23. Double Slit Experiment

The double slit experiment confirms the fact that things can indeed exist in multiple realities. During the double experiment, electrons are shot through an object that has two slits to see how these would effect the wall behind the object. In the end, the experiment resulted in a pattern that looked similar to a wave on the wall, instead of two marks resembling the slits from the object. After this observation, scientist came to the conclusion that the particles were existing in multiple realities at once. This is proof that the Mandela affect theory is a real and possible scenario in our universe.

24. Cold Spot

When the Universe materialised several billion years of ago, the Cold Spot was produced. The Cold Spot is a segment of the universe that is exactly 0.00027 degrees cooler than its surroundings. Scientists believe this Cold Spot stems from our universe clashing with an alternate universe. This is strong proof that the Mandela affect is real and alternate realities really are colliding with one another.

25. Mystery In The Dessert

After taking a wrong turn while driving in the dessert, four young women entered an unfamiliar territory. This place contained signs with illegible writing, large buildings, and extremely tall beings that did not look human. While in the process of driving away from this scary environment, they realised four egg-shaped

vehicles were following behind him. Scared for their lives the four woman sped up and ended up right back where they started in the dessert. This is another case of our current reality clashing with an alternate reality. Moreover, this event is another piece of evidence that validates Fiona Broome’s Mandela effect theory.

26. The Green Children

During the 12th century, a truly strange and bizarre incident occurred. In a village in England, two kids who were brother and sister and had green skin appeared out of nowhere. Some adults that lived in the village took the kids in and took care of them. Before long, the green-skinned boy developed and illness and died, while his green-skinned sister grew up to be an adult and get married. To this very day, the origins of these mysterious children remain a mystery. This incident is another piece of evidence that validates the Mandela effect theory and proves multiple realities indeed exist.

27. Portal To A Parallel Dimension

While camping near Stone Forest, a group of friends encountered a cabinet that had people dressed in clothes from the 17th century inside of it. When one of the individuals attempted to enter the cabinet, part of her body became paralysed after being pulled away from the cabinet by a friend. The reason for this was believed to be because the cabinet was a gateway into a different dimension, which caused the woman’s body to go through a process of shock once pulled out. This occurrence is another Mandela effect example in a long line of evidence that gives proof that the Mandela effect is real and our current reality is constantly interacting with alternate universes.

28. Man From Mysterious World

An unknown man mysteriously appears in a village and was eventually detained by authorities. While being questioned he claimed he was looking for his brother that got lost in a ship accident, and that he was from a place called Sakria. In addition, he provided detailed information regarding the specific location of this unknown country but failed to clearly explain the path his ship took while on shore. In the end, the mysterious man relocated to Berlin in German and became a focal point of discussion in the scientific community at the time. This incident is more evidence that the creator of the Mandela effect theory was absolutely correct in her belief of alternate realities are present in our universe.

29. Teleporting Vehicle

While driving his car down the road in the year 1986, Pedro Olivia Ramirez entered a strange place. After making a turn around a curve, he somehow ended on a highway that contained six lanes. In addition, while analysing his surroundings, he realised nothing around was familiar. Ramirez saw large housing structures, tall buildings, and extremely high grass alongside the highway. As Ramirez kept driving, he all of suddenly heard mysterious voices telling him he had been relocated to a different country. After driving for a complete hour, he entered a detour called “Sevilla” and this led him right back to his home. This incident, in particular, relates back to the Mandela effect because Ramirez somehow got caught teleported into an alternate world that can’t be traced or located.

30. The Beatle Effect

The year is 2009, the place is Livermore in California, and the man is James Richard. On one particular day, Richard claimed to have stopped his car on the side of the road to let his dog pee. But the dog ended up spotting and chasing down a rabbit. While in the action of trying to catch his dog, he fell down and the impact knocked him out cold. When Ramirez regains consciousness he was in the presence of a man that claimed to work for an organisation that travels to different dimensions. Richard and the man eventually struck up a conversation about the legendary group The Beatles, and the man from a different dimension revealed that The Beatles was still alive and doing music together in his reality. The dimension travelling man gave Richards a never before heard music cassette tape by The Beatles entitled “Everyday Chemistry”. When Richard got back to his dimension, he created a site on the internet called TheBeatlesNeverBrokeUp.com and put songs from this cassette tape on the website. Moreover, James Richard’s story of entering a new dimension where The Beatles group were still firmly intact and creating new music corroborates the real-life existence of the Mandela effect.

31. Dimension Of Darkness

While driving through San Bernardino in the state of California, Carol Chase decided she wanted to visit a town called Riverside, since that is where she and her family originated from. After turning where the street sign said Riverside, she couldn’t identify where her childhood home was located. In addition, after driving further down the street she found out her grandmother’s house looked completely different. Next Chase attempted to visit the gravesites of both of her grandparents, but the cemetery had been replaced with extremely tall weed plants and was contained inside a metal fence. While in complete shock of what she had just witnessed, Chase continued to drive around her old childhood town and discovered that the whole town looked like a complete mess with trash and graffiti prevalent everywhere you turn. The people within the city also gave her bad vibe so she just left. Carol Chase would eventually return back to Riverside because her father who had died was going to be buried there, but this time the town of Riverside looked like how it did when she was a child. This odd experience prompted Carol Chase to come to the conclusion that her first trip back to Riverside was an alternate reality. This is another strong piece of evidence the Mandela effect is, in fact, real.

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  • Doctor Mandela,, i have experienced explainable amounts of deja vu and headaches recently. And it all started the day after this happened. ** I was riding with my grandmother to the Rocky Mt Beach close to Rome Ga maybe two years ago. As we were going up the side of some kind of mountain, me and my grandmother BOTH seen what looked like soldiers going to war, back to back…then boom, we were struck by another vehicle. Leaving us unconscious. As i woke up, i had a feeling of being out of place. And i started seeing things differently. The only thing ive ever noticed before reading this article was the name of JC Penney. And while i was remembering what happened on that day today i looked up what it might be and it said “Mandela Effect”.*** I was thinking maybe we should talk?