Jif or Jiffy Peanut Butter

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Peanut butter is one of the most revered confectionary food items and Jif peanut butter is among the popular peanut butter brands. But does anyone remember Jif peanut butter being launched as “Jiffy”? Apparently, this alternate memory is fairly widespread and the Mandela effect which involves collective misremembering comes into force. Many people appear to have vivid memories of Jiffy peanut butter. Proctor and Gamble entered the peanut butter business and introduced Jif peanut butter in 1958.  Now owned by the J.M Smucker Company, Jif operates the world’s largest peanut butter plant, producing 250,000 jars every day! Many customers of this beloved brand clearly recall “Jiffy” as the original brand name. The name “Jiffy” does sound endearing and relatable but is not the reality. The revelation that Jif peanut butter was never really called “Jiffy” has shocked people. “Jiffy” peanut butter is one of the notable instances of collectively held false memories.

What could have led to the Mandela Effect?

Jif’s early marketing campaigns may also be a reason why some people mistakenly believe it was called “Jiffy”. In many commercials featuring the product, mothers would be shown whipping up sandwiches “in a Jiffy” which means “in a hurry” in typical American slang. Jif peanut butter would be referred to as an easy meal that could be finished in a Jif-fy. This is probably one of the reasons why the name stuck and people started referencing to it as “Jiffy” peanut butter instead of “Jif” peanut butter. It led them to conflate the peanut butter’s tagline with its name. Over time, this confusion may have created a false memory in people’s minds leading them to misremember Jif peanut butter as “Jiffy” peanut butter over and over again- to the point where they were convinced that the false memory was true.

The promoters of “Jiffy”

Even several websites have listed the name of the product as “Jiffy” peanut butter and not “Jif” peanut butter. Amazon has listed the product name as “Jiffy” and this only serves to reinforce the confusion about the name. This mass confusion among customers and online websites have rendered the name “Jif peanut butter” colloquially non-existent. However, it seems that at least in this reality, whether some people know it or not, there was never a name change and it has always been Jif peanut butter.

A different perspective

The slogan used in the commercials was always “Choosy moms choose Jif”. But to the public anyway it does make more sense saying “Choosy moms choose Jiffy”. This is because most mothers want to get their work done with and using peanut butter means they don’t have to squabble over different dishes during the morning breakfast rush. It is a message people can connect with but it has been something else entirely all this time. There was an incident where some customers wanted to know what the exact name was and contacted the company manufacturing the product. The company responded back saying that the actual name was Jif peanut butter and the name was chosen because it was easy to spell, say and remember. This fact is ironic as most of the people don’t remember the name being Jif.

The alternate universe theory has been raised and disputed by several enthusiasts but there is always a simple explanation. The word Choosy rhymes with Jiffy and is catchier so it makes more sense that a company logo maker would compose such a saying. Even if it is supposed to be Jif, it is not a logical choice based on what people know about the science of advertising. A lot of critics of the name Jif agree that the name should be Jiffy no matter what universe one is in!


The Mandela effect may have more to do with human psychology rather than time-travelling and alternate dimensions. Some believe that the “Jiffy” confusion could have something to do with another popular peanut butter brand called Skippy. People might simply be combining the names of Jif peanut butter with Skippy peanut butter to make “Jiffy”. The catchphrase is also one to blame here as it added to the confusion after this. All of these factors have resulted in memory errors and social misinformation. Whatever the real reason behind the brand name confusion, there is a lot more than what meets the eye when it comes to the Jif peanut butter label.

4.3/54 ratings

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