Did Mona Lisa Smile?

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All of us know about Leonardo Da Vinci’s world famous work of art, the Mona Lisa. The secret of Mona Lisa’s smile has intrigued mankind for decades. Many people have claimed that Mona Lisa’s actual portrait never had her smiling. They say that the lady in the portrait had a hardly detectable smile, more like an expression of boredom. However, in reality, Mona Lisa’s smile is pretty obvious, almost bordering a smirk, but that is not how a large majority of people remember her.

The explanation for this deceit, as per scientists, could be an optical illusion. Scientists explain that the portrait changes, due to optical illusion, based on the position that one looks at it from. Looking at the portrait from different angles results in the blending of colors in different ways, thereby changing Mona Lisa’s facial expression and her much debated simile, but believers of the Mandela effect maintain that Mona Lisa never smiled.

We know you could have bet you were right, and this book exactly explains this phenomenon of perceived reality. Sometimes, these beliefs feel so true that one might feel them in their bones, but then the actual truth is different from the perceived reality. This occurrence is known as the Mandela effect, an instance of misremembering an event or happening. The Mandela effect has intrigued the minds of many scholars who have spent years researching the phenomenon and the plausible explanations for it.

4.8/55 ratings

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